Interfaith conflicts, discrimination & Bengali educated society.

tagore ramakrishna interfaith dialog

We discussed religion-based conflicts in workplaces and the world at last. We’ve met people from the Interfaith Council of Greater Portland, Islamic Society of Greater Portland, professors who are trying to revive Madrassa education in Notre Dame; and professionals who found it tough breaking stereotypes and making her mark in the professional world. I write this post to outline my […]

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The Indiana Chapter of IVLP.

Guest post by Alishba Alish (Delegate, Pakistan).   Indianapolis is a city of simplicity, serenity and is the capital of Hoosier. International Visitors from South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan) under International Visitor Leadership Program got an opportunity share lives of Hoosiers for a week. This city is desperate to meet the civil society organisations that work […]

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The Washington DC chapter of IVLP.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

I hope you’ve read the details of IVLP in this blog post. IVLP or the International Visitor Leadership Program starts in Washington DC before the participants move to other cities depending on the program they are in. Currently, I’m in Indianapolis, Indiana but this blog post is about the meetings in Washington DC. Be informed that intricate details of the […]

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An Overview of US Federal structure – by Akram Elias.

Akram Elias, IVLP, International Visitor Leadership Program.

Akram is the President and CEO of Capital Communication, Inc.; has more than 25 years’ experience as a consultant in the areas of public diplomacy, cross-cultural training and communication. He is an extremely spirited speaker and he gave us an outline of the US federalism. I loved his presentation and asked him stupid questions, to which he very calmly tried […]

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IVLP – Youth Leaders: Finding Common Grounds.

International Visitor Leadership Program 2017 - Youth Leaders: Finding Common Grounds.

This is the first blog post about the IVLP experience in the United States of America and I intend to address the basics in this post. This post is about IVLP – Youth Leaders: Finding Common Grounds. I request you to ask me more questions after you read this, either privately here or publicly dropping a comment below the post.  […]

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