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Kolkata morning blues (1)

Few snapshots describing Kolkata’s mood in the morning. These shots were mainly taken in the northern part of Kolkata during 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

makicktala, morning
The familiar abstract [Shobhabazaar, March 2012, Nikon D5100]

Burrabazaar, morning
The vendor of Burrabazaar [Burrabazaar, May 2011, Sony DSC H10]

kolkata bus, morning
The 7 am bus’s [Bangur Avenue, October 2011, Nikon D5100]

maidan, morning
The sporty Kolkata [Maidan, December 2010, Sony DSC H10]

Manicktala, morning
The morning shift breakfast! [Maniktala, October 2011, Nikon D5100]

Burrabazaar, morning
The childhood dreams. [Burrabazaar, June 2011, Sony DSC H10]

Shyambazaar, morning
The business starts at near 8 … [Shyambazaar, July 2011, Sony DSC H10]

Manicktala, morningBurrabazaar, Nakoda , morning
The 9 am Sunday games! [Maniktala, July 2011, Sony DSC H10]
A fragment of peace [Nakoda Mosque, March 2012, Nikon D5100]

And one familiar sight , every morning in North Kolkata is …
news papers, morning, kolkata, bengalisnews papers, morning, kolkata, bengalisnews papers, morning, kolkata, bengalis
The torko-baadi Bangali. [North Kolkata, October 2011 – March 2012, Nikon D5100]

Friends, the series is not yet over, this is just the start… Do leave your suggestions for improvement. .. or development of the theme..
Photograph : Anirban Saha Photography.

By thy name, O Lord !

When it comes to photographing serenity in its purest forms, Nakoda Mosque has always been a preferable location for me. This was shot on 25th of March 2012, at Nakoda Mosque, Kolkata.
Few shots are magical. You click it, share it and people start liking it. I shared this photos link with not more than 6 people, for their views are near gospel words for me, but gradually more than 150 people “like”d this photo at mt photography page.
I am not finding words for a write up that would go with this… you all are free to contribute your feelings (as comments) :)

ILP completion and “Saanjh”

Had an apprehensive start to this journey, but today we complete 60 working days at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, marking the end of the Initial Learning Program. The professional transformation is quite visible, and there was quite few stuff to learn. Our bizz lead, did extreme minute observation of my speaking, and I had to prove myself a diligent student. This was a lovely journey, and I made few real good friends, from our learning group and from other learning groups as well.
The demo project, and me being the module leader of NON-LIC dummy project module 3 was very significant in my life. It was kind of pushing of my own limits. Earlier my team used to be of juniors, who never refused me any thing. I did welcome their thoughts, give them space.. but if I asked them to do something, they never refused. But this team in ILP, had members who were better than me in some way or the other. The only good thing that pushed me to this was some blunt confidence :P , complete hard work, and what others say – innovation ( I call it previous experience ). I often thought how to react if someone refused me some work. Hahah… I acted very cautious, mailing people their responsibilities. For the first time, I shared the responsibility, rather – the leadership. Manu (Bajpai) is a very nice hand to work with. It was such a pleasure working with him. The entire team – Manu, Sachin, Subhankar, Arnab, Manmohan and me gave in our bits, to complete the work.
Perhaps for the first time, I started concentrating on the way I dress :D Bought lots of clothes for myself :P
ILP was real fun, each time I speak to someone, I keep remembering the inter-personal relationship lessons :P Each time, I go up on the stage, I start concentrating on the speaking skills :D Last few days of ILP was like college. We shall be having the cultural program this evening,.. and I so wanted to sing in it. But I ended up making posters and shall be anchoring in the first slot.
I need to end this here (read : Lack of time). This post is incomplete without thanking few friends – Supratik, you were a support, you are a support.. and hopefully shall remain a support.. Aninya,Annesha- I never tire thanking you.. Manmohan, thank you for the initial encouragement, Manu- for being such wise and incredible, Piyali – for not thinking me to be mad :P Mrinalini- for all the learning logs ! Aritra Chattoraj, looking forward to more work with you, the entire batch of K28 – Ronnie, Anirban Dasgupta, Vinod, the mota-guy, Saranipa, Mounomukhor, all ! My entire batch of K25, for making the journey such pleasant one. I wont be mailing you from now \m/ I also need to thank Aritra who changed the name to “Saanjh” from “Sandija”, it sounds so good, and my friend Prashant Awasthi from Lucknow, who helped me with the basic format of the Saanjh poster ! God bless.

“You took my heart away..” – Soul Vibes

Could not help but share Soul Vibes’s latest song – “You took my heart away”. These guys amaze me with their dedication to good music… so here’s presenting Sayon Kumar Saha (as Cinematographer), Raz Dee (as Vocalist and Music Producer), Debatma (as Vocalist and Video Director).