An eye to the dark secrets

still life photograph, table top

Diary writing at the end of the day remains one of the hobbies for many of us.. we script down things we cannot actually convey with words to any other person, feelings which we tend to hold only on to ourselves and fear sharing them… feelings which might lead to parting of ways, split of thoughts,differences in believes and deficit of trust. While the inner self, in the diary it remains, sees and knows it all.
“Dark, as the secrets (in the diary) are , dark were the feelings … darker is the void created after we parted. Alls that is visible is the gateway to the darkness, while the almighty notices.”

Photograph: Anirban Saha Photography.
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still life photograph, table topstill life photograph, table topstill life photograph, table top

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Await for the flight

sparrow, swaroop sinha roy

A wish to take off and fly. I am waiting for the right moment. When the time shall be ripe, conditions fruitful – I shall re live salvation. Shall be salvaged in the blue of the sky.
Has anyone actually restricted me? This is such game of the fate, of the illusion- feelings create around itself.

Photograph by: Swaroop Singha Roy (Megapixel)
He is pursuing his class twelve from Sree Bharati,Kolkata. This uber decent guy can actually be funny as well as philosophical, when needed. He uses a canon 1000D camera, armed with his other digital Photographic stuff, he loves to go around the city, village or anywhere in this big beautiful world and shoot at sight. Photographing Animals is what he likes the most.. He says he expresses his thoughts via photographs and that statement coupled with the photographs speaks volume about him.
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Simple Gallery code generation.

Go to the application here

What it does? >> It takes the direct image links and captions from you, and generates the code which you can embed to or your website.

I thank Bibhas for his help. JQuery was something i never explored..he was of good help.  Getting to the application, it is very crudely presented to you, but that suffices. The work will be done. It doesnot verify the link, so chances of the generated code not working is there. For the users, please give the exact link of the image file, the images that end with .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png

Then it will provide the right code, just copy it and paste it where you want.

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Flickr photos for your simple gallery

Go to the Application here.

Finally I did something with the API. Damn! I had to study one whole day. This again although it is supposed to be techie in nature, shall not be. Now this is the second application. This is for Flickr users.. now my work is to integrate blogger into this, and lets try if we can actually make the work easier for everyone else.

Damn! I used to run away from all javascripts..I enjoyed copying and pasting them! But this time, building something from a blank notepad document was an interesting exercise.

Things that are next in line : Using API, facebook, photobucket APi and then… amateur photographer+ :) Stay tuned.

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