Nibhrite jotone ( Music CD review)

Those who have interest in Bengali films, arts, recitations and music… Sabyasachi Chakravarty, Bratati Bandhopadhyay and Shonali Nath may be 3 of the cherished names. And perhaps when they collaborate and work with Tagore’s work, anyone can expect miracles. And that is why I couldnt really resist its temptation 😉 Was a bit dissapointed, but […]

a personal note [#career]

I had always been very uncertain of what I want to do in my life. But my only wish was to give my best each time I work, whatever the work might have been. The uncertainty, led to many successful ventures, while few led to disaster. The confusion made me learn BASIC, commercial applications, biology,… […]

Achira Saha’s Marriage.

Photographs by Anirban Saha, Koustav Ghosh, Souvick Mazumder, Kingshuk. Date: January 16, 2011. If you like the photograph, Please show support. Hit the “like” button below: From Didi Biye., posted by Anirban Saha on 1/18/2011 (8 items) When the groom was lifted.. his head banged straight to the ceiling of the room… wh… @bashi biye. […]

An insight to my Photography page at Facebook.

Few interesting information about my photography page.  Well I had nothing to do today morning, so I peeped into the insights of my photography page, wishing to see what the responses are like, and how I reached to 386 Facebook Likes. Few of the fascinating points are:On 1 June 2011, I did a vigorous link […]