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Nibhrite jotone ( Music CD review)

Those who have interest in Bengali films, arts, recitations and music… Sabyasachi Chakravarty, Bratati Bandhopadhyay and Shonali Nath may be 3 of the cherished names. And perhaps when they collaborate and work with Tagore’s work, anyone can expect miracles.

And that is why I couldnt really resist its temptation ;)
Was a bit dissapointed, but once I went to the flow, I am loving it even now…

Why I loved it?
Fusion of thinly related items with Rabindrasangeet has been in fashion, of late. After the copyright has been lifted, intellectuals experiment with Tagores’ work to give it a new avatar. Previously we have seen the Baul mix with Rabindrasangeet, Ustad Rashid Khan and Nachiketa mixing raagas with Rabindrsangeet, Bickram Ghosh came out with his rendition of Rabindrasangeet with highly coupled percussion.
But this effort is very simple, yet unique and touched my heart.
There are poems/extracts recited from different Tagore texts, followed by Rabindrasangeet instrumentals. The concept is by Supriyo Nath, this is unique concept and I am totally in love with it. And I had always been in love with Bratati Bandhopadhyay’s recitation (elocution). She perhaps has the most elegant voice in the world today.
The Hawaiian guitar mixed with the other instruments has created magic.. Listen to it when you are alone, and its like the 9th heaven you shall be in ! Calm, soothing ever flowing Tagore..

Album name:
nibhrite jotone, bratati bandhppadhyay, latest, rabindrasangeet, sabyasachiNibhrite Jotone

( Bhashyopath o Hawaiian Guitare Rabindra Shrodhyargho)


Although only guitars were not in use, Tabla, Srikhol, Pakhwaj, Sitar, Sarod, Keyboard, Flute, Violin were also used :)


The tracks include:

01. Tumi amar aapon (Gitanjali)
Artist: Bratati Bandhopadhyay
Song: Dariye acho tumi amar… 


02. Nirob bansorikhani (Geetochhash)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Ghorete bhomor elo… 


03. Jokhon binaye mor (Rog Sojyay)
Artist: Bratati Bandhopadhyay
Song: Ami tomar songe bendhechi amar pran… 


04. Ei dekhun na (Shesher Kobita)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Bhalobeshe sokhi nibhrite jotone… 


05. Rup jokhon (Ghare baire)
Artist: Bratati Bandhopadhyay
Song: Ami roope tomaye bholabona… 


06. Dekho na ki hoye (Leela sangini)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Amar bela je jaaye… 


07. Se din ki tumi (Naba besh)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Amar hridoy tomar aapon haather… 


08. Brindabone prothom (Joy porajoy)
Artist: Bratati Bandhopadhyay
Song: Bhalo bashi.. Bhalo bashi… 


09. Ghana baner chaya (Shesher Kobita)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Pran chaaye chokkhu na chaaye… 


10. Ami ekhon somoy korechi (Protikkha)
Artist: Bratati Bandhopadhyay
Song: Amar Mallika bone 


11. Jokhon amader (Poospanjali)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Aaj Jyotsnaraate sobai jeche bone… 


12. Probhu aami ekjonke (Ghaater kotha o Geetanjali)
Artist: Bratati Bandhopadhyay
Song: Amar Hiyar majhe lukiye ache… 


13. Jodi bhoriya loibe (Hridoy jomuna)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Esho Esho amar Ghore esho… 


14. Seidin sondhya belaye (Shesher kobita)
Artist: Sabyasachi
Song: Amar jibonpatro Uchholiya… 




This “Times music” presentation is priced only Rs. 125
and is a must listen to by Tagore lovers’. Do buy original CD’s and say a no to piracy. This website doesnot host pirated tracks and there is no download link.



A take on work, hope, goal, plans and achievement

[ A pravachan type post from me after a long time, I guess ]

You can only hope and work for it… Work, perhaps not to achieve what you hope, but to make yourself eligible to hope that way.
Your  work shall make you fail at times, the hope might just disappear.
But your work should be to better yourself.. to make mistakes, rectify, learn, share, collaborate, work and hope again.
For hope alone is the way to achieve, and the more eligible you are, fit for the hope, the better your chances to achieve it.
And perhaps, that is success.
My work shall be on, without any plans for the future.. based on the hopes I see today, directing it somewhat towards a better hope. For each opportunity puts up a new hope.. each new hope – a challenge, each challenge – avenues to develop myself.. make myself eligible for it. The hope maturing to a goal, and work taking me nearer to it.

[This is exactly what I have been doing these 5+ years.. and perhaps this is the answer to all those who ask me about my future plans :) ]

a personal note [#career]

I had always been very uncertain of what I want to do in my life. But my only wish was to give my best each time I work, whatever the work might have been.
The uncertainty, led to many successful ventures, while few led to disaster. The confusion made me learn BASIC, commercial applications, biology,… learn about film making, entrepreneurship, debating, singing, painting… writing, blogging, marketing, photography, event management, how to present myself and many other things!
But slowly, with time, I am quite clear with what I want to do in life.. and very calmly so. This time I am content with my decision, and I believe I shall be happy in my work. I believe I will be happy with higher studies and preferably research based works and photography shall be with me always ;)

Achira Saha’s Marriage.

Photographs by Anirban Saha, Koustav Ghosh, Souvick Mazumder, Kingshuk.
Date: January 16, 2011.
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Whenever I wish to write few lines about the entire marriage, I get stuck… may be that is why I didnt write anything about it in the last 5 months… and today also I am stuck. Few feelings can never be expressed by words… :)