আগমনীর টানে।

Kumartuli photograph, agomoni


Undeniably an indelible proof of Man’s interminable connection with the cycle of seasons, it is that time in the journey of the earth around the sun, when true-blue skies and annoying spells of unpredictable showers, bring on that familiar feel to every Calcuttan worth his identity. Back in the countryside, the kaash flowers with their signature white head dresses and fields of sunripe harvest-ready grain have already sent out invitations to the mighty Lady well on her way here. The Goddess will once more descend onto this city, with her multi-talented offsprings in tow, transforming an indolent, laid back sleepy megapolis into a mass of energy. But for now, She is waiting for her moment, allowing humble mortal hands in incandescent lit hovels in the narrow alleys Kumartuli to mould Her into existence.


Kumartuli photograph, agomoni


She is an amazing woman- the Goddess “Mrinmoyee”- one composed of mud. Created for practical purposes, to aid the Gods, the Goddess shares similarities with the city she calls home for five hectic days. Calcutta too, was born out of need and necessity. Her prominence grew out of her requirement to replicate the power and might of a masculine empire that controlled most part of the discovered world. The Goddess was born when the Gods needed her and furnished her with the power and grandeur they themselves possessed. So when each God gave her his weapon of choice, he gave a part of himself to her. Calcutta was bestowed her grandeur brick by brick by her rulers- indigenous and colonial. Her monuments and landmarks, (as she rose to become the capital of the formidable empire in the sub-continent), are evidence of the splendour her rulers invested in her to reflect their glory.


Courtesy: Soumya Shankar Ghosal


Much like the Mother herself, Calcutta is mother to the lesser and the least. Her highrises cohabit with her slums- her gods with her mortals, her good with her evil. She is the silent witness to the sea of humanity that flock to her shores day after day. She is benevolent and malevolent at the same time. In her we exist.   Today, as the harmony of the agomonee or the welcome song for the Goddess is played out in every heartbeat, I can’t help but loving my Calcutta more. She is mother, lover and protector to us all- She is truth and beauty and she is the unassuming Goddess- who doesn’t wait for an invitation, a season or a reason to arrive. She enters your heart and fills you up with all of herself, and smiles when you feel distraught at the thought of going away from her. This is the “taan” or “attachment” you feel and that melody in your spirit? Well, it is Calcutta’s agomonee playing out in you Come home to Calcutta- welcome the Goddesses home!


Courtesy: www.artofbengal.com

Preeti RoychaudhuryPost written by : Preeti Roychoudhury. Professionally a teacher in Loreto House, she is one of the most dynamic and honest persons I’ve come across in recent past. An able blogger, motivator that she is, she describes herself as Educator, writer, thinker, dreamer, mind traveller, a moderate feminist, a staunch humanist, eternal learner.

কিছু ছবি, কিছু গল্প।


A fistful of short incidents and interactions, I had in the last couple of weeks. I hope you like them.




gariahat chess players, kolkata chess players

It is quite common to see young and mid aged chess players play chess at the Gariahat crossing, just below the bridge. I came across them, shot their photograph. Their dedication towards the game, inspire me.
PS: I do not know how they concentrate with all the commotion around.





paralympic walk


Paralympic walk in Kolkata: I was invited by Malavika Kanoria, a CWF volunteer to photograph the event. I never thought that this event will inspire me so much. This walk was organised to raise public awareness about the paralympic sports and India’s contribution to it. In spite of different accolades nationally and internationally, the paralympic sports person in Bengal, does not get any recognition. The ask for sponsorship and more training is a distant dream.

Pasting two more photographs from the Paralympic walk in Kolkata.
paralympic walk, paralympic walk, paralympic walk kolkata, cwf paralympic walkparalympic walk, paralympic walk, paralympic walk kolkata, cwf paralympic walk






Kumartuli is a place of amazing people. While many other photographers were busy shooting the clay idols and their making, I was lazying around.

women idol makers, maya rani pal
maya rani pal, kumartuli, women idol makersmaya rani pal, kumartuli, women idol makers

The lady is Maya Rani Pal. One of the smallest idol making workshops in Kumartuli, the branding is done by the name of Mala Rani Pal, her daughter. She is more 70 years of age, mother of 8. All 8 are well established. She makes idols out of passion and to feel independent. The small idols are exported to Bengali communities in London and Germany. She inspires me.




আরও কিছু ছবি। 

I’ll end this blogpost with a few photographs I have managed to shoot in Kumartuli this year. PS: I have a new gear: the speedlight. :D

Kumartuli photographs
Kumartuli photographs
Kumartuli photographsKumartuli photographsKumartuli photographsKumartuli photographs




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Of everything little.

Hi friends, this week I did not have anything great worth sharing. So to write a blog post today, I tried looking into everything, the little aspects of my everyday life and whoa! I feel blessed.

All these little bits of joys and disappointments are the building bricks that make our life. Isn’t it ?

What are the bits of Joys I would like to share with you today? May be the time when Soupayan cracked the stupidest of jokes and laughed at it himself. Or perhaps, tell me “It was funny, wasn’t it?” or “You too should laugh!”. Joy is when, after an entire day of work in office, you come home to read different blogs from Kolkata Bloggers and you discover that a younger boy, described you as a “dada” (Elder brother in Bengali). Happiness is when, I try hard to motivate myself and I close my eyes to visualise the happy moments. The only thing that comes to my mind is when Saimantick, in a hall full of people, suddenly acknowledges my contribution to his photography learning. To me, it was one of the proudest moments, prouder than the time I solved the old problem in ISI.

Soupayan DuttaSaimantick Bhadra

Sadness is, when I need to scold them. Last time I scolded Soupayan & Saimantick, I could not hold my own tears. Not that I had any other choice. They have grown up with very little or no practical sensibilities. I might scold them a hundred times in the future. Well a hundred apologies and hugs shall follow. They’re kids.

Kapu, Aishani Saha

Talking about kids, how can I not talk about the little bit of happiness when I shouted, “Kapu pose kor! (Kapu, pose for me!) and Kapu stuck her head out from behind the curtains to smile and pose for me. It is heart warming to see how Kapu is slowly getting socially conditioned. If she needs to pee, she now can point towards the bathroom. After the meals, she rubs her lips with the wet towel. She screams out “Hatiii” when she sees a photograph of an elephant.

Oh yes, when she comes across another kid or a photograph of a kid, she screams “Babyyy”.

Kapu, Aishani SahaKapu, Aishani Saha

Happiness is when Debarshi da said, “We all are going to the event, because of you. You are a nice person with a good reputation.” Perhaps, that is why Hari Menon also has agreed to come to Kolkata. Happiness was when last year Hari Menon came to Kolkata and messaged me. We went out for a photowalk. Happiness was to see my friends super excited when they met Hari. Priceless smiles. This event might be making a hole in my pocket. But trust me, it is an incredible feeling.

Sadness is to see a few people calling me “dada” to use me like a commodity. Surya says, that this world is full of these people and I can not help. I should only think about my work and be done and dusted with them. Somewhat, my heart does not agree.

Sadness is when an IT employee does not know, neither does he encourage blogging. For that specific senior, the only reason of rejection was my blogging. The tone of mockery is what I had hated. Sadness again. But happiness is when in the same office, Priti and Surojit talks to me personally after having read my blog post and suggesting me betterment.

Talking about suggesting betterment, how can I forget those who get in touch with me? Happiness is receiving a comment on my blogpost. If you happen to read this, make sure you leave some comment. When I am already talking about comments, please make me happier, share the blog posts as well. Hahahaha.

Recently, I tried medium.com.. tried writing in Bengali as well. Happiness is writing in my own mother tongue. Well, sadness is to inform Bengalis that Hindi is not the “National Language” as per Indian constitution.

We are so surrounded by ignorance all around, isn’t it ?  People defending the Government’s inaction toward the advertisement maker, saying “Even we do these, we all download photographs from the internet. Isn’t it?” Yes Sir, and that is wrong. Please realise!  But his daughter was perhaps more sensible, “We do not know much about Intellectual Property Rights. We should get some easy resources.”. I smiled.

Somewhere my heart wishes to let loose and let go. Even I would want to spread my wings and simply fly. Across continents, opinions and intentions.  Happiness is this dream. Sadness is my inability to take off.


Ending this blog post with a few more photographs. Happiness is the Pujo feeling :)


Nakhoda MosqueNakhoda Mosque


While writing this blog post, I discovered 500 people follow me on Instagram. That’s another little bit of happiness added. You can follow me here.

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Lok Prasar Prakalpa: Bengal Government’s unauthorised photograph use.

About Bengal Government’s advertisement, Government officials, unauthorised use of my photograph, Intellectual Property rights and one week of inaction. 


It is no secret that I hold the present West Bengal government in high regard. To help it in anyway and to promote Brand Bengal on any platform is my honour. But with all dignity, lawfulness and correct ethics.

Last Sunday August 10 2014, I got a call from Baban Das Baul. He was surprised and very happy that his photograph was printed in Bengali newspaper “Protidin” in Murshidabad. That day he was performing in Rabindra Tirtha. Towards the end of the conversation he asked me why I had to “sell the photograph” which was otherwise shot for educational purpose. That afternoon my friend Amartya, congratulated me and informed me that my photograph was “selected” by the Government.


So, what exactly happened? Photograph stolen by Government of West Bengal.

I was quick to realise that the Government advertisement used my photograph in an unauthorised manner. Obvious because, I did not give anyone the original photograph, no one asked for it, no one informed me. To put it in a slightly less dignified manner – they stole my photograph.

I rushed to the newspaper store and found this. The Times of India, page 3.


Bengal government photo theft


This photograph of the Bauls was shot in Murshidabad, during the last week of June 2014. This photograph was posted on my blog on July 5, 2014. You can check the blog post here. They had downloaded the photograph, removed watermark and have used it.


Bengal government, photo, unauthorised use



My action: Connecting to different Government officials.

I tried contacting different people I know from the government but to no help. My own Mama (Mr. Uttam Kumar Saha) was busy in his preparations to host the Chief minister Mamata Banerjee in Gangarampur.

I forwarded letters to my friends who are close to TMC and the letter was pushed to the Chief Ministers office. The CMO informed that this was a matter of Department of Information and Cultural Affairs.

I was given the contact details of the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs. Mr Atri Bhattacharya, was always out of office during that time. His personal secretary was a nice person to talk to. He informed me that it is a matter of the Department of Information and that I should contact Mr. Riten Roy Chowdhury.

Mr. Riten Roychowdhury, Director, Department of Information gave me a patient hearing. And that was all that I had got from him. No assurance, no actions. Slight rudeness towards the end of the conversation though. A day after the conversation, I had dropped him an email, keeping Genesis Advertising in cc, Principal Secretary of Dept. I&CA in cc from my TCS office email, pasting every possible evidence (except for the RAW image file) to him. You can check my email to the Director, Department of Information here.

The receptionist of Genesis advertising (who prepared the advertisement) was the most amusing, indecent and disgusting person I came across during this phase. He refused to transfer the call to the manager. He refused to listen to me. He shouted at me calling me a liar and that he has come across many “namuna” like me. He said they were all busy and I was trying tricks to disrupt their work, I should keep shut else he shall make sure he gets the better of me. Was it a threat? That coming from the receptionist is amusing.


What I wanted: An Acknowledgement letter.

I did not even want money for the photograph. I want an acknowledgement letter stating that this photograph was shot by me and that it has been used without my consent. If the same photograph is published later, as I believe it would be, putting up “Photograph: Anirban Saha” in the smallest possible manner won’t really harm.

I am thoroughly amused. Yes, I am. See – I am smiling now.



Ironic, the Government – custodian of rights, steals photographs themselves.

The Government is supposed to be the custodian of basic rights. Ironic, that the Government itself is not taking action against the advertisement maker who is stealing photographs, removing watermarks and publishing it in their advertisements for the government. For any artist, the fundamental right should be his rights over his creations. That is – Intellectual Property Rights. For a poet, a painter, a photographer in India, copyrighting each photograph is not the rule. I am told by my lawyer friends, every time I press the shutter and produce a photograph, I hold the rights of reproduction. A group of IP activists and experienced photographers, confirms the information that I have.


What I might do next:

I am thoroughly disheartened and discouraged to say the least, praying that they respond to my email. To hire a lawyer and to produce evidences in court is something my schedules might not permit. Not that I even have the financial backup to fight the case against the Government of West Bengal. I did not know what to do. So I am blog posting about it now. Let’s see how it proceeds. If any lawyer volunteers, it shall be great.

I write this today with a paining heart against the government we all voted to bring it to power.