International Yoga Day at Kolkata

  When I got down of the Taxi at quarter to six in the morning, it was still raining hard. I hurriedly made my way inside the Victoria Memorial Hall garden and was surprised to see a few elderly people preparing for the Yoga day, braving the shower. I could not help but smile. While I […]

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015

What is NASSCOM Product Conclave? NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) is a (non profit) trade association of IT (includes BPO) companies. The Product Conclave is the annual gathering of almost all product companies in the region, brought together by NASSCOM. It would also be attended by angel investors, CIOs, academicians and business analysts. […]

Getting back to life

Not always do we have the best of time, do we? I had a rough phase and I believe it has gradually come to an end and this phase has taught me a few lessons in life! First, the big update- I’m planning to leave TCS. Anyone who knows me, knows Aji Issac Mathew and […]

Very basic Social Media tips for Personal Branding.

  We, my friends, are brands. What people perceive of you, how much they trust you with work, is what makes you a better brand. A good personal brand is characterised by clean public image, popularity, trust worthiness with work and public conduct. Your social media profile plays a very important role in determining the first […]

Media studies in Kolkata, an overview.

  “The towers of reverie are meant to be followed” That’s what Souradeep thought when he got his first camera back in his class 9. Since then his first love has been this piece of novelty and innovation. Revolting his way out from traditional studies, he is now a photojournalist in one of Asia’s leading photography […]

How important is one’s class 12 result ?

Saimantick exclaimed, “It’s the 18th that I dread. Not anything else. ISC results are going to be out.” I laughed at it explaining to him how scared I was during this phase, back in 2007. He told me he might get a seventy something percentage. He had a grim face with perhaps the palest eyes, staring […]

Bloggers Meet and Discussion at US Consul Gen’s house

If last Sunday saw 37 bloggers from varied genres and age groups come meet to exchange views, the Monday next saw 10 professional digital content creators being invited to the  Consul General of the United States of America’s residence to discuss about digital media and the social media trends in Kolkata! Both discussions were riveting to say […]

Why do I use social media and how Hootsuite helps

Social Media (“M” in capital letter, bold) is the way we communicate today. And that is perhaps the easiest way to have put it. What and how we communicate, is entirely our prerogative. Effective communication is the key to a healthy existence of life ! During various phases of my life, I’ve connected to people based on my […]