How important is one’s class 12 result ?

Saimantick exclaimed, “It’s the 18th that I dread. Not anything else. ISC results are going to be out.” I laughed at it explaining to him how scared I was during this phase, back in 2007. He told me he might get a seventy something percentage. He had a grim face with perhaps the palest eyes, staring […]

Bloggers Meet and Discussion at US Consul Gen’s house

If last Sunday saw 37 bloggers from varied genres and age groups come meet to exchange views, the Monday next saw 10 professional digital content creators being invited to the  Consul General of the United States of America’s residence to discuss about digital media and the social media trends in Kolkata! Both discussions were riveting to say […]

Why do I use social media and how Hootsuite helps

Social Media (“M” in capital letter, bold) is the way we communicate today. And that is perhaps the easiest way to have put it. What and how we communicate, is entirely our prerogative. Effective communication is the key to a healthy existence of life ! During various phases of my life, I’ve connected to people based on my […]

Magnum, Mishti and more

Last week, the room in Taj Bengal was packed, all eagerly waiting for Chef Kunal Kapur and Soha Ali Khan to launch the Magnum ice creams in Kolkata. While waiting with bated breaths, I sipped water from the glass. Magnum is yet another addition to the sweetness of the city’s culinary delights. Bengalis have forever […]

Photographs of Ravangla, Geyzing (Sikkim) trip.

  I’ve never been the beach guy ever ! During the sultry Kolkata summers, I prefer staying indoors testing my AC’s ability to keep the temperatures as low as 16 degrees, if not lower. So naturally, mountains have always been my choice when it comes to travel. Be it my first solo travel to Darjeeling and north Bengal, the Meghalaya […]

The curious case of Kolkata’s Literary circles

Anirban Saha |  Edited by: Srabasti Bhattacharya. February 12, 2015. “There is a craze in Kolkata about books” exclaimed Shobhaa De who went on to add that year after year families save to buy books at the Kolkata Book Fair, a book lovers’ paradise! Shobhaa De had recently come to Calcutta for the Kolkata Literature Festival, the […]

Wi-Fi and Kolkata, the city of the future.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal – Mamata Banerjee today launched the Wi-Fi in the Park Street area. She had earlier announced, in the course of the next two months, the entire city under the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the area of Salt Lake shall get access to “free” Wi-Fi, provided by Reliance Jio and aided […]