Who is more popular – You or Your Blog?

In the very recently concluded Bloggers Meet, conducted by The Times of India in association with Kolkata Bloggers for Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015 ( Read TOI report here. ), there were a series of discussions online and off it, that has taken my circle of contacts, here in Kolkata by a storm, the latest contribution being Alok Vats’s blogpost that goes by the same title.


Why this topic? Because the speech by Shilpa Srivastava (social media manager, Compare Infobase) created a buzz. And during the event, I had placed my point of view untimely. She spoke about promoting Blog posts over the social media. There were two lines of the many that created buzz:


Your blog should be more popular than you and not the other way around.


Come out of the “I” factor!


Blogging is the tool to share your thoughts in an organised manner to connect to similar minds. If you ask me – in today’s world, from a personal blogger’s perspective –
The blog requires a face as much as the face requires a blog.

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Kayged festival and Cham Dance in Ralang monastery, Sikkim

Cham dance, Cham, Mahakala dance, Ralang monastery dance, Kayged festival, Sikkimise festival
Kayged festival. This masked dance practised in Eastern India has its origin in Tibet. Shooting most of this festival with Tamron 70 – 300 was such a smooth experience.


The Tibetan dance “Cham” is quite familiar with people fascinated by the ever varying Indian culture. However, very few resources in English exist on the internet.  Having got the slightest hint of the supposed magnificence of this dance form, I wanted to photograph it.

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Magen David Synagogue and 5 things about Calcutta’s Jews.

I had no proper plans made for this year’s Christmas. Tired of resting, I boarded a taxi and asked the driver to take me around, perhaps to a less crowded church. I was busy searching for some church over the internet when the taxi driver stopped the car, in front of a well decorated small Catholic church. Strikingly, to its opposite side, a mammoth church like structure stood there desolate, without decoration. The clock on its wall, wasn’t even working.

Oh wait. This is not a Christian church, I read about it in Rangan Da’s blog post! I hurriedly paid the taxi and started walking towards the building. At the gate, I found no one. I asked people around, who called the care taker and the care taker opened the door for me.

“Is everyone allowed to get in? Isn’t permission required from Nahoum’s?” I asked him in Hindi. He said how Nahoum died a couple of years back. It is now open to the people with an admission fee of a hundred rupees.


Let me not describe the interiors in words. Check out the photographs:

Magen David Synagogue, Jews in Calcutta, Last jews in Calcutta
Magen David Synagogue, interiors. Shot taken from the first floor of the Synagogue.

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Year 2014 – Knowing the Blogger.

If 2013 was all about taming my mind, 2014 so far has been all about unleashing the blogger in me. I had always wanted to make a mark as a blogger and this year it was. I thank all of you who are reading this for making this year so beautiful for me.

My online help to the young seemed to have done something right. I was invited to conduct photography MeetUp (workshop) in Frank Anthony Public School. After the good response there, Loreto College, Techshu and NIT Durgapur invited me for the same.


Anirban Saha, Photography workshop in Kolkata
Receiving the small gift from the Vice Principal, The Frank Anthony Public School.

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