Kolkata’s youth theatre today.

Gone are the days when theatre meant spending leisure time with families and restricted to a chosen few theatre halls. The Kolkata youth has taken it upon themselves to break the stereotypical mindset and take theatre beyond the established convention! Upasana Dasgupta (student, Amity Mumbai) tells you more about Kolkatas youth theatre today: The term “theatre” […]

Tales to tell: Book launch at Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata.

    What is “Tales to tell”? It is a anthology published, featuring twenty new authors and twenty new artists by Kolkata Bloggers and BEE Books. A competition was conducted from January 2015 till May where aspiring authors were asked to send us a short story written by them which is less than five hundred […]

Calcutta Times Passions Club – Photography Trail review.

  – It is always fun working with any initiative of The Times of India, here in Calcutta. We had previously collaborated for the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015, Happy Streets and for Calcutta Boys’ Schools fest – Concord 2015. They promise more fun and even more interaction this time with their newest initiative in […]

Your Photograph, your Rights | Indian Copyright Act for Photographers.

If your photograph gets used unauthorisedly (read: stolen), what should you do?  Greetings. I’ve often come across different cases where a photographer’s photograph has been stolen, leaving the photographer clueless of what to do next. We all require awareness and thus, I blog post about this. When I come across these cases and ask them […]

Why “Analytics specialisation” in your MBA programme?

Have you ever wondered? How the world would have been if we could predict any natural disaster like Nepal’s earthquake or for that matter even the after-shocks. How good it would have been if we could predict the box office collection of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Could we have prevented the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008 […]

Web data extraction for your small business. (Data Science Summit, Kolkata)

Post written: Dipayan Dev Do you aspire to become an entrepreneur? Does it look challenging to start up? It might, but a well-structured plan put in place would make your task easier. Often our Plan A does not work, plan B gets executed to reach targets without failing time. Performing beyond our capacity to cope with […]

Calcutta Boys’ School, Concord: Blogging, Photography & Java.

Calcutta Boys’ School is an integral part of my life today. So much so, that a few still think that I am an alumnus of Calcutta Boys’ School. I wish I was that privileged when I was a child. However, I have been very close to this school from 2011 and today, I treat it as dearly as […]